LUKOIL Lubricants company
LUKOIL Lubricants company



​LUKOIL Lubricants Company and Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) have signed a program to conduct joint tests of LUKOIL engine oil in UMMC's fleet of diesel locomotives owned by a number of UMMC subsidiaries.

The locomotives that were produced and upgraded by the Shadrin automotive components factory (which is part of UMMC) will undergo two rounds of trials, each lasting 1,750 hours. The locomotives will test the AVANTGARDE ULTRA М3 15W-40 engine oil, one of LUKOIL's newly-developed products. This oil will be used in the ТEМ2-UMMC, ТGM4B-UMMC and ТGM6-UMMC series of locomotives fitted with Cummins diesel engines.

The goal of the trials is to confirm the AVANTGARDE ULTRA М3's guaranteed service interval.

The AVANTGARDE ULTRA М3 15W-40 engine oil is designed primarily for use in machinery operating under difficult conditions and requiring longer drain intervals. Besides providing a reliable engine start in wintertime thanks to its excellent low-temperature properties, the product also possesses high-level antiwear and detergent properties that help minimize engine deposits and ensure its cleanliness. All of these properties will stimulate efficiency and productivity growth as the machinery downtime gets reduced.

Note to editors:

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company is Russia's largest copper, zinc, coal and precious metals producer. The holding includes over 40 Russian and foreign companies operating in mining, coal, metals and mechanical engineering sectors.

Since 2007, LUKOIL has been one of the key suppliers of engine, transmission, hydraulic and industrial oils to UMMC companies.

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