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Metalworking fluid


MWF LUKOIL FREO ML 1075 IS – a metalworking fluid that forms a stable water emulsion. The product can be used in systems equipped with automatic mixers due to the high speed of emulsification. Recommended working concentration of the emulsion from 3% to 8%.

MWF LUKOIL FREO ML 1075 IS is intended for use in machining operations; Grinding, turning, milling, drilling, countersink, cutting (sawing). MWF LUKOIL FREO ML 1075 IS is suitable for use in modern machining centers and universal machines. Processed materials: Cast iron, low carbon and carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, as well as copper and alloys. It can also be used for pressing and molding operations in low-tonnage production.

• Based on mineral oil with high grade purification • Provides high speed of emulsification. Forms a stable water emulsion as in mixed manually and using an automatic mixer • Provides good lubrication properties, which allow to increase tool life, reduces production costs and defects • Provides low corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals • Provides excellent storage stability and high stability of the emulsion • High resistance to bacterial attack • Low tendency to foaming even at high flow pressures, allowing to reduce costs for antifoaming additives

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