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High quality universal metalworking fluid

Water miscible metalworking fluid with high content of mineral oil. Forms a stable emulsion in water of wide range of total hardness. Provides excellent detergency and tribology properties, low tendency to foaming and high resistant to microbiological attack. Does not leave contamination on the processed workpieces, tools and equipment.

Intended for use in general machining operations (grinding, turning, milling, drilling, cutting, etc.). It also can be used for pressing and molding operations in low-tonnage production. Due to the high speed of emulsification, it can be used in systems equipped with automatic mixers. Processed materials: cast iron, low carbon and carbon steel, alloy steel, as well as some of aluminum and copper alloys.

Provides high speed of emulsification. Forms a stable water emulsion as in mixed manually and using an automatic mixer
The additives in the composition guarantee low foaming, including in systems with high supply pressure
High resistance to bacterial attack

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