Product card

High performance semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid


ZF TE-ML 04D, 14A (ZF001146)
Voith 55.6335
MAN 339 Type Z1, L1, V1

Meets requirements

GM Dexron® IIIG
MB 236.1, 236.5
Allison C-4
Caterpillar СAT ТО-2


LUKOIL ATF is a high technology universal semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for both passenger cars and heavy duty truck applications. LUKOIL ATF delivers high viscosity index performance for a wide temperature range, providing low temperature fluidity. LUKOIL ATF offers excellent corrosion and wear protection, good antifoaming properties, thermal and oxidation stability. LUKOIL ATF has been designed to meet and exceed requirements of the world original equipment manufacturers.

LUKOIL ATF is recommended for automatic transmission systems of both passenger cars and on- and off-highway trucks where Dexron® IIIG products are specified. LUKOIL ATF has been approved by BelAZ for application in hydromechanical transmissions (HMT). Previous fluid before LUKOIL ATF filling should be completely removed from HMT and cooling system.

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