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High performance fluid for passenger car and commercial vehicles automatic transmissions


MB-Approval 236.6
ZF TE-ML 04D, 14B, 16L, 20B (ZF001944)
Volvo 97341
MAN 339 Types L1, V2, Z2, Z11
Voith H55.6336.xx

Meets requirements

Ford Mercon V
Ford Mercon
Allison C-4, TES-295, TES-389
Volvo 97340


LUKOIL ATF SYNTH MULTI is a high quality universal automatic transmission fluid. This fluid was designed in respect of tough demands of leading world original equipment manufacturers and suitable for use in both of conventional and modern types of automatic transmission. LUKOIL ATF SYNTH MULTI is suitable for vehicles of as North American as European manufacturers. LUKOIL ATF SYNTH MULTI is recommended for service filling in foreign and domestic vehicles within warranty and post warranty periods.

LUKOIL ATF SYNTH MULTI is recommended for step-type passenger car and commercial vehicles automatic transmissions where Dexron® IIIH or previous performance levels are required. It also can be used as power steering fluid.

  • Demonstrates stable antifriction properties and smooth shifting without vibration
  • Possesses excellent thermal oxidative stability and maintains all properties at high level even in case of extended drain interval
  • Provides extended clutch life
  • Demonstrates improved lubrication and low temperature fluidity
  • Optimal viscosity ensures prompt response of electrohydraulic controlling system

Additionally, LUKOIL ATF SYNTH MULTI possesses low dependence of viscosity on temperature (high viscosity index), excellent anti-aging properties and high resistance to foaming. This fluid does not have negative impact on seal materials. Improved anti corrosion reliably properties protect all equipment components.

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