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Synthetic Complex Lithium Grease


LUKOIL® SYNTHOFLEX 2-220 is an antifriction grease used in high-speed friction units such as electric motor bearings, generator bearings where low coefficient of friction and long-term service life without re-lubrication are required.
LUKOIL® SYNTHOFLEX 2-220 is based on high-quality synthetic base oil blend thickened with specialty lithium soap and special additive package. The grease is dynamically light and shows high tribological features. It can operate within a very wide temperature range from -50 up to +180°С.
LUKOIL® SYNTHOFLEX 2-220 Grease has high tribological features, is dynamically light, and can operate within a very wide temperature range from -40 up to +180°С. This grease can be used as all-season for-life lubricant.

  • Bearings of the electric motors, fans, wind power station generators
  • Bearings of papermaking and textile machines (drying area)
  • Separator bearings in cement industry
  • Clutch bearings, water cooling pumps in cars
  • Excellent high-speed features
  • Long-term service life
  • Wide temperature range
  • Good anti-wear properties
  • Good anti-oxidation properties
  • Compatible with lithium mineral greases
  • TDS