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Multigrade special oil for all types of chainsaws


LUKOIL CHAINSAW OIL is a multigrade special semi-synthetic oil for lubrication of harvester heads, chainsaws and small tools. Based on high-quality mineral and synthetic base oils blended with high performance special additives, which improve lubrication and adhesive properties.

LUKOIL CHAINSAW OIL is recommended for lubrication of chainsaws, chain bars and sprocket-wheels of gasolines and electric handsaws of all types and also harvesting machines.

  • Stable oil film provides high antiwear and lubricating properties, which increase service life of chainsaw
  • Provides excellent adhesion properties, which decrease oil splashing and oil consumption
  • Effectively removes wood dust, chips and wood resin
  • Low pour point
  • Reduced chain vibration
  • TDS