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Fully synthetic engine oil for diesel engines


GM dexos2™
MB-Approval 229.51

Meets requirements

MB 229.52

Fully synthetic low ash engine oil for modern diesel engines of passenger cars, including engines fitted with turbocharger and Diesel Particulate Filter. Can also be used for gasoline engines. Formulated with DuraMax innovative technology.

Recommended for all-season use in diesel engines of Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Toyota, Kia, Lexus (both during warranty and afterwarranty periods). The oil can also be used in any other engines, which require API SN, ACEA C2/C3 performance level. Mid SAPS technology of additives package helps to extend the life of exhaust aftertreatment systems.

ADVANCED FUEL ECONOMY - Excellent fuel economy due to optimal viscometric characteristics COMPATIBILITY WITH AFTERTREATMENT SYSTEM - Low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (”Mid SAPS”) reduces inorganic sludge in DPF and catalysts ENGINE CLEANLINESS - Great dispersant and detergent properties prevent deposites formation on engine parts

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