Product card

Zink-free hydraulic oil

Meets requirements
  • SMS group SN 180-2
  • Eaton Vickers E-FDGN-TB002-E
  • SAE MS 1004
  • ASTM D6158 HM
  • Fives Cincinnati Р-68
  • DIN 51524-2 (HLP)
  • Denison HF-0/HF-1/HF-2
  • GM LS-2
  • ISO 20763

High-quality mineral hydraulic oil with advanced zinc-free additive technology. The balanced, low-ash formulation offers the best wear and corrosion protection, rapid air separation capacity and low foaming tendency.

The oil is perfectly suitable for use in hydraulic systems where "ash-free" hydraulic oils are specified, according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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