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Compressor Oils


ATMOS Chrást
JSC “UKZ” (Ural Compressor Plant) (ISO VG 220)
OAO "Kompressorniy zavod Borets" (ISO VG 220)
TM.C. S.p.A. – Termomeccanica Compressori
Rotorcomp Verdichter GmbH (ISO VG 46, 68)
PJSC "Sumy Machine-Building Science and Production Association" (Sumy Frunze NPO) (ISO VG 68, 150, 220)
OOO “Chelyabinsk compressor plant” (ISO VG 46)

Meets requirements

DIN 51506 VDL
ISO 6743


LUKOIL STABIO series oils are high quality mineral compressor oils which are designed to meet the latest requirements to lubricants for modern oil-filled high power air and/or natural gases screw, rotary and piston type compressors of the leading manufacturers when used for severe operation. The oil can also be used in circulation systems for lubrication of plain and rolling bearings at elevated operation temperatures. Wide range of ISO viscosity grades (ISO VG 46-220) helps to choose optimal solution for exact compressor considering its operation status and duty cycle. LUKOIL STABIO series oils are based on high quality solvent refined base stocks and high effective additive package ensuring good protection against oxidation, wear and foaming and possess good seals compatibility. The oils also help to reduce sludge formation in compressor discharge lines. LUKOIL STABIO oils possess excellent performance and significantly exceed GOST requirements enabling compressor operation over wide operating temperature range in severe conditions.

LUKOIL STABIO oils are used in the following applications: air and/or natural gases screw, rotary and piston type compressors with maximum temperature of final compression stage not more than 220 °С (at fitting); circulation systems at elevated operation temperatures.

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