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Compressor Oils


ATMOS Chrast (ISO VG 46)
TM.C. S.p.A. – Termomeccanica Compressori (ISO VG 46)
Rotorcomp Verdichter GmbH (ISO VG 46)

Meets requirements

DIN 51506 VDL
DIN 51524 часть II
ISO 6743-3A DAJ
SAE M 1003-2


LUKOIL STABIO SYNTHETIC is a series of high quality compressor oils manufactured on synthetic base oils and high-performance additives package. The oils are designed to meet the latest requirements to lubricants for modern oilfilled high power air and/or natural gases screw compressors as well as for circulating lubrication systems operating under high temperatures. The lubricants demonstrate excellent performance under extremely low temperatures. Result from balanced viscosity-temperature behavior the lubricants provides constant pressure into hydraulic circuit. The oils provide easy start-up at low temperatures. LUKOIL STABIO SYNTHETIC ensures excellent protection against oxidation, wear and corrosion, reduction of sludge and deposits formation in compressor discharge lines.

  • Remarkable reduction of deposits formation
  • Improved oil/air and oil/condensates separation
  • Reliable protection of compressor assemblies against wear and corrosion
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability and hence increased drain interval
  • The use of LUKOIL STABIO SYNTHETIC allows remarkably reduce operation costs of the compressed air production facility by optimizing the compressor efficiency.
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