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High-quality oil for turbochargers in chemical industry


DRESSER-RAND Spec 003-406-001
Group HMS

LUKOIL TORNADO SNH is a series of highquality oils produced on base stocks manufactured according synthetic technology with involvement of high performance additive package.

LUKOIL TORNADO SNH is intended for lubrication of circulation systems of turbo-driven centrifugal compressors of chemical and petrochemical plants. The oil is suitable for lubrication of turbine bearing units and auxiliary units (turbo-compressors, steam and gas turbines, hydroturbines).

  • Specially designed for compressors at chemical production, including where interaction with ammonia takes place
  • High viscosity index
  • Improved air release and water separation
  • Superior oxidation stability
  • Continuous and reliable equipment operation
  • High resistance to corrosion and foam formation
  • Excellent thermal oxidation stability
  • High demulsifying ability
  • Extended oil service life in comparison with conventional oils due to low Sulphur content and high oxidation stability
  • TDS