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Turbine oil for lubrication of drive actuators in gascompressor units


GTR&PC “Zorya”-“Mashproekt”


LUKOIL TORNADO GT is a high-quality turbine oil. It is manufactured according special technology, counting all requirements and operating peculiarities of drive actuators in gascompressor units. The formulation is based on synthetic oil with high resistance to oxidation and thoroughly selected foreignmanufacture additive package.

LUKOIL TORNADO GT is intended for use in lubrication systems of gas-turbine engines in gas turbine compressor sets, operated as drive actuators of gascompressor units, generators at power plants and other electric systems. Recommended as substitution for MS-8p (“МС-8п”) and SGT (“СГТ”).

  • High resistance to oxidation of synthetic base oil allows to exntend drain interval uo to 2 times (in relation to MS-8p (“МС-8п”) and SGT (“СГТ”)
  • Full compatibility with construstion and seal materials of gascompressor units
  • Low burning oil consumption (from 10% to 70%) in comparison with conventional products in this application field
  • Euqipment operation even down to -40 °С due to excellent low-tenperature properties
  • High operation life: according thermal oxidative stability test incremental rate of kinematic viscosity better in 30% in comparison with MS-8p (“МС-8п”)
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