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Semi-liquid wheel-to-rail contact grease


Russian Railways, OJSC


The PUMA semi-liquid wheel-to-rail con-tact grease is a semi-liquid special-purpose water-resistant railway grease designed for protecting wheel pair flanges and rails from wear. The application temperature range of the PUMA grease is from minus 30 °C to plus 110 °C. The PUMA grease is manufactured from min-eral oil thickened with stearic acid lithium soap and contains anticorrosive and antioxidant additives, and molybdenum disulfide. The grease is produced from high-quality raw materials at new and one of the most up-to-date grease production facilities in the CIS.

The PUMA semi-liquid wheel-to-rail con-tact grease is recommended for protection of wheel pair flanges and rails from wear. The grease is applied on wheel flanges and the side edge of the rail using trainborne and trackside lubriсators, as well as mobile rail lubricators.

  • The grease has good adhesive properties ena-bling it to stay on the vertical wheel-rail mating surface.
  • The grease has good anticorrosive properties ensuring lower corrosive wear of the wheel-rail friction pair.
  • The grease has good water-resistant properties preventing it from washing off by atmospheric precipitation.
  • The grease has a wide operating temperature range (from minus 30 °C to plus 100 °C), which allows it to be used all year round in different climatic zones.
  • High tribotechnical characteristics of the grease lead to lower wear of wheel-rail friction pairs and their longer service life.
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