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Gearbox grease


Russian Railways, OJSC


OS-L, OS-Z are semi-liquid gearbox greases designed for use in highly loaded gearboxes of locomotive propulsion engines. The OS-L gearbox grease is designed for summertime operation. The OS-Z gearbox grease is designed for wintertime operation. The OS-L, OS-Z gearbox greases are manufactured from high-viscosity mineral oil thickened with soda soaps of fatty acids with anti-wear and extreme pressure additives. They are produced at one of the most up-to-date industrial facilities in the CIS, using high-quality raw materials.

The OS-L, OS-Z gearbox greases are used for greasing gearboxes, locomotive traction gearboxes, gearboxes of agricultural, road and construction machinery, gearboxes of industrial equipment of metallurgical, mining and other facilities in winter and summer time respectively.

  • Excellent anti-wear properties of the grease make it possible to considerably extend the service life of operated equipment.
  • Having good protective properties, the grease securely protects contacting metal surfaces from corrosion.
  • Excellent water-resistant property of the grease allows it to be used in open units.
  • Due to the high adhesive ability, the grease forms a strong film on the contact surfaces, which helps to increase the lifespan of the greased parts.
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