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FIAT-VAZ 55588


Litol-24 is antifriction multipurpose water-resistant grease. Litol-24 is water-resistant even in boiling water and does not harden when heated. It has exceptionally high tensile strength and shear strength characteristics, as well as excellent sealing properties. The Litol-24 grease is obtained by thickening a hydrocarbon oil mixture with lithium soaps of 12-hydroxystearic acid and adding a functional package of additives. It is produced from highquality raw materials at a new and one of the most up-to-date production facilities in the CIS.

The Litol-24 grease is intended for use in all types of sliding and friction bearings, gears and other types of transmission, friction joints of vehicles, industrial equipment, seaborne machinery and electrical machines operating at temperatures ranging from minus 40 °C to plus 120 °C with shortterm overheating up to 130 °C. It is possible to use the grease for rustpreventive treatment of the abovementioned units. It is an effective substitute for all kinds of grease lubricants, grease No. 158, 1-13, constaline and FIOL-2.

  • The multifunctionality of the grease means that fewer types of greases need to be used with lower storage costs;
  • Due to the high colloidal, mechanical and oxidation stability of the grease, it can be used continuously without replacement;
  • The protective and anticorrosion properties of the grease ensure reliable protection of surfaces from rust and corrosion;
  • The grease is effective in preventing all main types of wear;
  • The grease has high water-resistant characteristics and does not lose its properties even when in contact with boiling water;
  • The grease does not harden when heated;
  • The grease has exceptionally high tensile strength and shear strength, as well as excellent sealing properties;
  • Due to the wide range of operating temperatures (from minus 40 °C to plus 120 °C), it can be used all year round in different climates.
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