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Low-temperature Instrument grease


The TSIATIM-201 grease is an antifriction, frost-resistant, high melting, water-resistant instrument grease for lubricating lightly loaded rolling and sliding friction units. It can operate at temperatures ranging from minus 60 °C to plus 90 °C. The TSIATIM-201 grease is produced from low-viscosity petroleum oils thickened with lithium stearate with addition of an antioxidant additive. It is produced from highquality raw materials at new and one of the most up-to-date industrial facilities in Russia.

The TSIATIM-201 grease is designed for fric-tion units operating with low shear force under low loads, aviation equipment, radio equipment, electromechanical and other instruments and precision mechanisms, certain machines operating in the Far North and main units of automotive and overland machinery operating in northern areas.

  • Excellent antifriction properties of the grease make it possible to increase equipment efficien-cy and extend its service life considerably.
  • Wide temperature range (–60 °C…+90 °C) makes it possible to use the grease all year round, whereas its high frost resistance allows using it even in the Far North areas.
  • High water-resistant properties of the grease al-low it to be used in open and unsealed units.
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