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Multipurpose grease


The graphite grease is a general purpose calcium grease with an operating temperature range of minus 20 °C to plus 70 °C. It is ac-ceptable to use the grease at temperatures be-low minus 20 °C in plate springs and similar de-vices. The graphite grease is manufactured from a mixture of high-quality petroleum oils thickened with calcium soap with addition of graphite as a filler to enhance operating properties.

The graphite grease is used for lubricating sliding friction units of low-speed heavy-load equipment (jacks, plate springs, tractor and ve-hicle suspensions, open gears, threaded connections, etc.) operating at temperatures from minus 20 °C to plus 70 °C.

  • Excellent adhesive properties result in considerably extended grease replacement intervals;
  • Good anticorrosive and protective properties of the grease lead to a considerably longer service life of the equipment;
  • Good anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics increase the run life of the equipment;
  • High water resistance makes it possible to use it in open devices;
  • The grease can operate within a wide temperature range, which allows it to be used in any weather conditions.