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Multi-grade fully synthetic motor oil for fuel economy


Renault RN 0700
Ford WSS-M2C-913-D
Jaguar Land-Rover ST.JLR.03.5003

Meets requirements

ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5
Ford WSS-M2C-913-A/B/C
Fiat 9.55535-G1
Iveco 18-1811 Classe S1


LUKOIL GENESIS ARMORTECH FD 5W-30 is multi-grade fully synthetic motor oil of the latest generation with high fuel economy performance for modern turbocharged engines of passenger cars and light trucks. LUKOIL GENESIS ARMORTECH FD 5W-30 is produced using high-quality synthetic base stocks with an advanced technology of additive package (DuraMax®) providing excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

LUKOIL GENESIS ARMORTECH FD 5W-30 is recommended for all-season usage in petrol engines of Ford cars in accordance with Ford WSS-M2C913-D specification which exceeds previous specifications WSS-M2C913-А, -B, -C or Renault in accordance with RN 0700. The product is also for petrol and diesel engines which require API SL, ACEA A5/B5 and A1/B1 performance oils. LUKOIL GENESIS ARMORTECH FD 5W-30 is intended for use over and outside warranty periods of operation.

  • High rate of fuel economy and emissions reduction
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion
  • Prevents the formation of high - and lowtemperature deposits on engine components
  • Maximum engine protection against wear in severe conditions of urban cycle and in conditions of high loads
  • Improved detergent-dispersant properties
  • Excellent low-temperature properties enable easy cold start
  • TDS