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Industrial Turbine Oils


State Enterprise Gas Turbine Scientific Production Complex ZORYA-MASHPROEKT
Group HMS
Nasosy PPD


LUKOIL Tp-22S grade 1 industrial turbine oil is manufactured using high quality mineral base oils and additives that increase antioxidation, anticorrosion, foam suppression, and demulsifying properties. LUKOIL Tp-22S grade 1 is recommended for use in bearings, auxiliary mechanisms and control systems of high-speed steam and gas turbines, as well as some types of centrifugal and turbo compressors. The oil don’t contain extreme pressure additives (EP) and has been disigned for severe operating conditions and applications requiring high anticorrosion and antioxidation properties.

LUKOIL TP-22S grade 1 is used in different turbines, including: gas, steam, hydraulic turbines for power generation in high-powered plants; gas turbines in combined cycle power plants; systems with hydroelectric turbines; drive systems of gas or steam turbines

  • Excellent oxidative stability
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • High viscosity index
  • Minimal cavitation
  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • High demulsifying properties
  • Reduction of operation costs due to saving on downtime
  • TDS