Product card

Multigrade hydraulic oil with detergent and dispersant properties

Meets requirements

DIN 51524 p.3 HVLP (except demulsifying properties)


LUKOIL GEYSER LTD 46 is a hydraulic oil for special equipment with improved detergent, dispersing and emulsifying properties, which meets DIN 51524 p.3 HVLP-D standard requirements.

LUKOIL GEYSER LTD 46 is designed in hydraulic systems in stationary and mobile machinery (weight-handling, agricultural, mining, road-construction, etc.), operated in a very wide range of temperatures and under conditions of increased pollution.

  • LUKOIL GEYSER LTD 46 provides exceptional protection against wear and extends the life of system parts. Due to improved detergent properties the oil ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic systems. High viscosity index garantees high resistance to oxidation and optimum viscosity at different operating conditions in different climatic zones for long periods of time.
  • LUKOIL GEYSER LTD 46 prevents sludge formation in hydraulic systems and has excellent emulsifying properties and resistance to foaming and protection against corrosion.
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