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Specialty Complex Aluminium Greases with Solid Lubricants for Gear Drives


Greases of the LUKOIL CARBOFLEX OG HD series are specialty high-quality greases for draglines and shovel buckets based on the specialty high-viscosity mineral oil and complex aluminium soap with high content of solid lubricants.

Greases of the LUKOIL CARBOFLEX OG HD series can be pumped through the centralized lubrication systems and operate within a wide temperature range from -45°С (LUKOIL CARBOFLEX OG 000-1500 HD) up to +140°С (LUKOIL CARBOFLEX OG 00-2000 HD and OG 0-4000 HD), and withstand extreme loads. The greases are formulated to provide reliable lubrication, good thermal stability, and good structure stability during storage and operation. The following NLGI classes are available: 000 – for operation in winter, 00 – for transition periods, 0 – for operation in summer.

IN UNITS: Open gear drives of the kilns and shafts; Shovel bucket handles and bushings in the bucket excavators and draglines; Centralized lubrication systems of the quarry and mining machinery

  • Very high load carrying capacity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent low-temperature features (NLGI 000)
  • Excellent pumping ability
  • Satisfy P&H 520 ed.00, 3-97 requirements.
  • TDS