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High quality semi-synthetic universal metalworking fluid


LUKOIL FREO MS 3060A – high quality semi-synthetic chlorine-free metalworking fluid based on synthetic ester. LUKOIL FREO MS 3060A is designed for mechanical operation of aviation alloys based on aluminium, titanium and nickel. Provides high surface quality of machined parts and protection of tools against wear.

LUKOIL FREO MS 3060A is designed for use in mechanical metal-working processes (grinding, turning, milling, drilling and sawing). LUKOIL FREO MS 3060A is intended for processing of the following materials: aluminium and alloys aluminium, titanium and nickel, heat resistant, low-carbon and carbon steels.

  • High resistance to bacterial attack
  • Good lubricating properties
  • Excellent hygienic properties
  • Meets modern environmental standards
  • Compatible with elastomers
  • Low foaming
  • TDS