Product card

Multigrade engine oil for heavy-duty diesel engines


Mack EO-N
Renault VI RLD-2
MB-Approval 228.3
Deutz DQC III-10
Cummins CES 20078
MTU Oil Category 2
PJSC "Tutaev Motor Plant"
PJSC "Avtodizel" (YMZ)

Meets requirements

Caterpillar ECF-2/1-a
Cummins CES 20077/76/72/71
MAN M 3275-1
Mack EO-M Plus
Detroit Diesel DFS 93K215
ZF TE-ML 03A/04P/07D

LUKOIL AVANTGARDE ULTRA 15W-40 is a high-quality multigrade engine oil for use in heavy-duty diesel engines (both non-charged and turbocharged), operating under severe conditions. LUKOIL AVANTGARDE ULTRA 15W-40 is based on highly refined mineral base oils with high-performance additive package, which keeps the engine clean and provides excellent anti-wear and anti-oxidant properties.

LUKOIL AVANTGARDE ULTRA 15W-40 is recommended for use in four-stroke diesel engines of heavy-duty trucks and special equipment (e.g. agricultural, mining and construction equipment). The oil is designed for engines without particulate filters (DPF) and is suitable for use in some engines, equipped with EGR and SCR NOx reduction systems. LUKOIL AVANTGARDE ULTRA 15W-40 can be used where previous API engine oil categories are required (API CH-4, CG-4 and below).

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