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High-quality universal cutting fluid


Cutting Fluid LUKOIL FREO MP 15L is a technological lubricating cooling agent which formd a stable aqueous emulsion. Emulsions Cutting Fluid LUKOIL FREO MP 15L provides protection from corrosion, have a high washing ability, emulsion properties, lubricating characteristics, resistance to biological contamination and low foam even under high pressure flow of MWF. Recommended emulsion use rate: from 3% to 8%.

Emulsions Cutting Fluid LUKOIL FREO MP 15L are intended for use in such operations of mechanical metal-working as general-duty grinding, lathe work, milling work, drilling, counterbore, cutting (sawing). LUKOIL FREO MP 15L is suitable for use in universal machine tools, including machine tools with computerized numerical control (CNC). Process materials: foundry-iron, low-carbon steels, simple steels, alloy steels, aluminium and its alloys. The product also can be used for pressing and forming operations in low-tonnage production.

  • Manufactured on a mineral base stocks of the highest level of clarity
  • Good water miscibility. Stable water emulsification even at manual mixing
  • Good lubrication extends tool life, reduces process cost and amount of defective products
  • Low corrosivity to ferrous and non-iron metals
  • Excellent storage stability and high emulsion stability
  • The product contains biocide, what drops rate of bioaffection of the cutting fluid and leads to cost saving at purchasing additional materials
  • Very low foaming tendency even under high pressure flow of MWF
  • TDS