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{ 3/26/2020 12:00:00 AM }

LLK-International (a 100% subsidiary of PJSC LUKOIL) has successfully completed a series of tests on MAN vehicles of low-ash engine oil for commercial vehicles. As the result of the tests, LUKOIL AVANTGARDE PROFESSIONAL XLE 5W-30 is the first and the only oil in the world to receive MAN M3777 approval.

Earlier AVANTGARDE PROFESSIONAL XLE has already proven compliance with car manufacturers’ strict requirements, becoming the first in the list of approved oils for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles - MB-Approval 228.52.

LUKOIL AVANTGARDE PROFESSIONAL XLE is a new generation synthetic oil developed for Euro-6 engines. The main advantage of the product is high engine protection against wear, twice exceeding the requirements of MAN specification. In addition, the product has strong oxidation resistance, which significantly exceeds requirements of MAN M3777 and API CK-4, as well as excellent low-temperature characteristics that provide easy engine cold start.

Over the past two years, LUKOIL AVANTGARDE PROFESSIONAL XLE 5W-30 engine oil has passed laboratory and field tests for compliance with the current requirements of MAN truck manufacturer. The key and the longest stage of the tests in the engines of four MAN main trucks, each of those covered more than 160 thousand km without oil change, and the total mileage until the engines were fully inspected by engineers exceeded 320 thousand km, proving the compliance of LUKOIL product with the new MAN M3777 specification.

LUKOIL AVANTGARDE PROFESSIONAL XLE is applicable for diesel engines requiring world-class oil meeting the standards of the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers - ACEA E4 / E6 / E7 / E9, American Petroleum Institute - API CK-4 / СJ-4 and Japan Automobile Standards Organization - JASO DH- 2.

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