Compressor oil К-19

Compressor oil


The K-19 compressor oil (GOST 1861-73) is mineral oil from sweet crude subjected to se-lective treatment. It does not contain any addi-tives. In accordance with the universal classifi-cation, the K-19 oil belongs to the first group of compressor oils. In accordance with the requirements, the K-19 oil has the following necessary operating properties: it has a high thermal oxidative stability; it prevents formation of coke-like oil sediments in the injection line of compressors; it has good antifoam properties.

It is designed for piston and rotary compressors working in moderate operating modes at a discharge temperature of at least 160 °С. The K-19 oil is widely used in numerous industrial applications and on transport, where oils with low sulfur content are required – in the chemical industry, for feeding pneumatic systems, in refrigerating plants and in the garage business. In terms of operating conditions, the K-19 compressor oil is in direct contact with high temperature compressed gas.

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