LUKOIL CARBOFLEX OG 000-1500 HD, OG 00-2000 HD, OG 0-4000 HD

Specialty complex aluminium greases with solid lubricants for gear drives and quarry equipment meeting P&H 520 requirements

Greases of the LUKOIL® CARBOFLEX OG HD series are specialty high-quality greases for open gears of excavators, draglines, crushers, furnaces and other equipment, based on special high-viscosity mineral oil and complex aluminum soap with a high content of solid lubricants; meet OEM requirements P&H 520, ver. 00, 3-97.

Greases of the LUKOIL® CARBOFLEX OG HD series form a strong film on metal surfaces, which minimizes contact between surfaces and wear. The composition of the lubricants provides reliable lubrication under extreme loads, excellent colloidal stability during storage and operation.


  • Open gear drives
  • Guideways
  • Chains
  • Wire cables
  • Splined joints
  • Meets P&H 520 requirements
  • Very high load carrying capacity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good water resistance
  • Easy to pump
  • TDS