Semisynthetic metalworking fluid for high load operations

LUKOIL FREO MS 3050 EP – semisynthetic metalworking fluid. The product is developed for use in heavy cutting operations. LUKOIL FREO MS 3050 EP contains the package of polar additives that prevent scuffing and surface defects even in the processing of high-strength materials. LUKOIL FREO MS 3050 EP is designed specifically for heavy-duty machining operations of high alloy steels, aluminium and cast iron. Provides high quality of the treated surface and excellent protection of the tools against wear. LUKOIL FREO MS 3050 EP allows to optimize the consumption of cutting tools. Does not leave marks on parts and equipment after processing.

LUKOIL FREO MS 3050 EP is intended for use in the following operations of metal processing: Grinding, milling, stretching, sawing, drilling, turning. Presence of a specially selected package of EP additives allows using the emulsion also on heavy blade machining operations. Recommended for processing the following materials: aluminium and its alloys, low-carbon and carbon steels, heat-resistant steels, cast iron. LUKOIL FREO MS 3050 EP can be used for pressing and forming operations in low-tonnage production.

  • High load capacity allows using the product in heavy operations
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Provides the ability to emulsify foreign oil in case of leakage
  • Suitable for processing hard-to-machine materials
  • Neutral to most types of elastomers
  • Forms a stable emulsion even in case of mixing with water of high hardness
  • TDS