Universal neat metalworking fluid

MWF LUKOIL INSO М22 – universal neat metalworking fluid based on group III base oil, synthetic esters and synthetic sulphophosphate complex, which provide excellent lubricating properties at different temperatures and load ranges. Sulfur-free allows the product to be used in the processing of non-ferrous metals. The synergy of extreme pressure and anti-wear additives with friction modifiers provide the application even in heavy cutting operations. The base oil provides high resistance to oxidation due to the latest generation of antioxidant additives. The silicone-free defoamers peovide deaeration properties. The product is a modern cutting oil of long-life class, which makes it possible to achieve significant cutting costs due to extended drain intervals.

MWF LUKOIL INSO М22 is used for turning, threading and other operations of blade machining. The product is suitable for processing all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, including high-alloy steels, hard-to-process materials and titanium alloys. Especially recommended for cutting copper and its alloys that are not compatible with products, which contain the active sulfur.

• Chlorine-free • Suitable for processing all type of metals, including copper and copper alloys • Special additive package, which increase service tools life • Meets modern environmental standards • Excellent hygienic properties • Suitable for difficult cutting operations • Universal applicability of metalworking fluid

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