High quality universal neat metalworking fluid

MWF LUKOIL INSO U10 – is developed specially for use in metalworking processes (grinding, high speed cutting operations, deep drilling, mid loaded turning). Intended for all modes of grinding operations, including high-speed and with the use of abrasives of any hardness. LUKOIL INSO U10 is based on issoparafinic oil produced by synthetic technology with oligoester and complex esters of polyhydric alcohols allows to achieve a low coefficient of friction at high and low temperatures, which ensures a perfect surface quality of the parts within the entire technological cycle. The use of the low viscosity product in the cutting operation allows reducing losses of product entrainment with shavings, which positively affects the economy.

MWF LUKOIL INSO U10 - is intended for use in grinding operations and low- and mid- loaded cutting operations. The product is suitable for processing of non-ferrous and all grades of ferrous metals.

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