High quality circulation lubricants for Morgoil type bearings

Meets requirements

SMS Group SN 180-3 (X-Roll Oil Bearing – Standard Lubricants)
Danieli ESS bearings
EZTM (Electrostal Heavy Engineering Work)

LUKOIL INTEGO is a family of high quality circulation lubricants for use in combined lubrication systems of rolling mills. LUKOIL INTEGO are produced on mineral base oils and synthetic oils with involvement of high performance additive package, which provides extending drain interval and excellent anticorrosion and demulsifying behavior. Those oils are compatible with all types of white metal alloys, which are used in oil-lubricated bearings.

LUKOIL INTEGO 220, 320, 460 are recommended for use in systems oil-lubricated bearings of bar and sheet rolling mills under different load and speed conditions Can also be used in gearbox of rolling mills and industrial transmissions. Developed specifically to replace the domestic analogues like I-PV. ITS, P-38, MS-20, T-30 and ect.

  • Excellent water separation
  • High oxidation stability
  • Enhanced antiwear properties
  • Improved antifoam properties
  • Compatible with all types of white metal alloys
  • TDS