Multipurpose lithium grease with molybdenum disulfide

LUKOIL® POLYFLEX ЕР 1-160 HD is an antifriction grease based on high-quality mineral base oil blend thickened with specialty lithium soap. The grease is fortified with package of additives improving performance and contains solid lubricants for operation under boundary friction conditions. Service temperature range is from –30 °С up to +120 °С.

LUKOIL® POLYFLEX ЕР 1-160 HD grease contains specially selected additives in its formula, which provide excellent corrosion protection of lubricated components in wet environment conditions.

LUKOIL® POLYFLEX ЕР 1-160 HD grease due to solid lubricant content has excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure features, providing smooth movement without jerks, reliable protection of equipment in conditions of specific sliding load and shock load.


  • Heavy-loaded sliding bearings
  • Splined joints, studs, pivots, axes
  • Medium-loaded gear drives
  • Other sliding surfaces operating on low speeds and under high dynamic loads
  • Centralized and individual lubrication systems
  • Prevents seizures
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Good water resistance
  • Very good pumping ability
  • Prevents jamming and stick-slip effect
  • TDS