LUKOIL STABIO FG 46; 68; 100

Synthetic food grade compressor oils

LUKOIL® STABIO FG 46, 68, 100 are synthetic compressor oils with highly effective additives. Specially designed for air compressors with relubrication intervals up to 4000 working hours. Also can be used as general-purpose oils.

LUKOIL® STABIO FG Oils have good anti-wear properties, excellent low temperature, anti-corrosion properties and stability to oxidation and ageing. They also prevent foam formation. LUKOIL® STABIO FG Oils are registered in NSF according to H1 regulations for lubricants with incidental food contact.

  • Excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion protection
  • Good oxidation stability due to synthetic base that allows to minimize deposits in compressors and increase relubrication intervals, filters and separators lifetime
  • TDS