Specialty complex calcium grease for metallurgy

LUKOIL® STEELFLEX 1-240 is a specially developed high-temperature grease for centralized lubrication systems of metallurgical equipment based on high-quality mineral oils thickened with complex calcium soap and fortified with additive package providing high performance.

LUKOIL® STEELFLEX 1-240 is developed to lubricate units and mechanisms operating under high loads, prolonged exposure to ambient temperatures up to +160 °С in conditions of high humidity or permanent water contact.

LUKOIL® STEELFLEX 1-240 has high tribological features, reduce friction and wear, and it is easy to pump grease through the centralized lubrication systems. The grease is formulated to provide high thermal and mechanical structure stability during storage and operation.

  • Bearings of rolling mills operating at high temperatures and in permanent contact with water
  • Centralized lubrication systems metallurgical equipment where use of NLGI grade 1 lubricating material with good pumping ability and water resistance of grease is required
  • High water resistance
  • Superior thermal stability
  • High extreme pressure (EP) properties
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Good pumping ability
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Very good anti-corrosion properties
  • Extended service life
  • TDS