Meets requirements

ТМ-3-34 GOST 17479.2-85


LUKOIL TRANSMISSION TM-3 SAE 140 is transmission oil formulated on highly stable mineral base and modern additive package which improves extreme pressure (EP), antiwear, antioxidat, antifoaming and low temperature properties.

Intended for use in mechanical gear boxes of commercial vehicles and other gear units of mobile machinery where API GL-3 or GOST 14779.2-85 TM-3 grade oils are recommended. The oil is designed for highly loaded transmissions working under high temperatures. The oil is recommended for use in hot climate – where ambient temperature exceeds +30 °С. The product is also suitable for worn gears and transfer boxes which require SAE 90 and API GL-3 (TM-3) grade oils thereby performing sealing function and protecting the details from progressive wear.

  • Reliable protection of transmission units from wear under high temperature
  • Stable properties of the oil during extended operation
  • Absence of viscosity modifier allows to save stable viscosity over the whole drain interval
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • TDS