Railway grease

Railway grease LZ-TsNII(U) is produced on the basis of a mixture of mineral oils thickened with sodium-calcium soap of castor oil acids with the addition of components to ensure good antiwear characteristics. It is produced at one of the most modern industrial facilities in Russia, using highquality raw materials.

The LZ-TsNII(U) is intended for use in rolling bearings of railway cars, as well as in bearings of electric machines at temperatures from –60 °С to +100 °С. Due to its high performance characteristics, the railway grease LZ-TsNII(U) is a reliable choice for universal use in all climatic zones of Russia. The service life of the grease in time is up to 5 years, in terms of mileage – at least 450 000 km.

  • Excellent low-temperature properties
  • Good anti-wear and extreme-pressure characteristics
  • Reliable bearing protection even at high speeds and shock loads
  • TDS