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Semisynthetic microemulsion based on multifunctional additives


MWF LUKOIL FREO ML 1005 PS – semisynthetic microemulsion is based on multifunctional additives (sulfonate amide), which provide high detergency, tribological characteristics and hign resistant to microbiological attack. MWF is adapted maximally to the Russian conditions of consumption and has a long service life even in highly polluted systems. MWF forms a microemulsion that leaves no greasy spots on the equipment or on the parts.

MWF LUKOIL FREO ML 1005 PS is intended for use in centralized systems, but also can be used in individual machining centers. Suitable for old and new (CNC) machine tools. LUKOIL FREO ML 1005 PS is suitable for abrasive operations. MWF provides high surface quality and high purity of the abrasive due to excellent cleaning properties. Also recommended for use in all types of edge cutting machining operations of light and medium loading. Processed materials: Cast iron, low carbon and carbon steel, alloy steel, as well as aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

• High resistance to bacterial attack • Excellent anti-corrosion properties • Meets modern environmental standards • Provides excellent miscibility with water • Chlorine-free

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