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Thread compound


LUKOIL PIPEFLEX 111 LT is intended to seal all types of threads of casing, tubing, drill pipes and pipelines. Great for high load operations. It is efficient at temperature from -50 to + 200 °С, pressure up to 70 MPa, prevents threads from sticking. LUKOIL PIPEFLEX 111 LT based on high-quality mineral base oil blend, thickened with lithium soap fortified with package of high-performance additives and solid lubricants: copper, zinc, lead, graphite. Due to its composition, LUKOIL PIPEFLEX 111 LT has excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, ensures reliable pipe sealing and protects thread connections from H2S and CO2, meets or exceeds the listed performance objectives in API RP 5A3/ ISO 13678

  • Casing
  • Tubing
  • Drill pipes
  • Pipelines
  • Provides sealing
  • Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties
  • Provides superior protection for long-term storage
  • Increases thread life
  • Protects from H2S и CO2
  • TDS