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Railway Grease


Russian Railways, OJSC


ZhT-79L is a special antifriction railway water-resistant semi-liquid grease of dark-grey color. It can operate at temperatures ranging from minus 60 °C to plus 120 °C. The ZhT-79L lubricating grease for train-stop devices is a mixture of organosilicon fluid and isoparaffin oil thickened with stearic acid lithium oil and contains an antioxidant additive and a plasticizer. It is produced from high-quality raw materials at one of the most up-to-date industri-al facilities in the CIS.

The lubricating grease for train-stop devices ZhT-79L is used in train-stop devices of loco-motives and railway cars.

  • Good anti-wear characteristics of the grease ensure reliable protection of the greased equipment even at high sliding speeds and im-pact loads, increasing the service life of equip-ment and reducing maintenance downtime.
  • The water-resistant property of the grease makes it possible to use it in open and unsealed unit.
  • The grease has a wide operating temperature range of minus 60 °C to plus 120 °C.
  • The grease is compatible with most elastomers and does not cause rubber swelling.
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