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Railway greasing compound


Russian Railways, OJSC


The greasing compound is a product for soaking gaskets and leather lip seals used in braking equipment and units of the railway rolling stock. The soaking and greasing of leather lip seals and gaskets of pneumatic and other equipment is performed for making them more elastic, airtight and resistant to destruction. Depending on application conditions, there are two types of greasing compounds: greasing compound-12 and greasing compound-40. The greasing compound is a composition consisting of castor oil, ceresin, hydrogenated fat and petroleum. Both compounds are produced at a new and up-to-date production facility in Russia.

Greasing compound-12 is used for soaking leather lip seals of air distributors. Greasing compound-40 is designed for soaking leather gaskets and lip seals of brake cylinders.

  • Making leather more elastic.
  • Protecting the leather material of lip seals and gaskets from destruction.
  • Ensuring good air tightness of leather items.
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