General purpose grease

FATTY CUP GREASE is an anti-friction universal grease, obtained by thickening a mixture of high-quality mineral oils with calcium soap of hydrated fatty acids as a part of natural fats (cotton oil, hydrogenated fat, etc.). It is produced at one of the most modern industrial facilities in Russia, using high-quality raw materials.

The FATTY CUP GREASE is recommended as a multipurpose lubricant in the fields of application: industrial, automotive, construction, agricultural and other equipment. Recommended for the lubrication of sliding and rolling bearings of various machines. The grease is efficient in the temperature range from –25 °С to +65 °С. In sufficiently powerful mechanisms (bearings, hinges, blocks, etc.) – at temperatures up to –50 °C.

  • Multifunctionality
  • Excellent protective properties even in high humidity
  • High water resistance
  • Good viscosity-temperature characteristics
  • TDS