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Multipurpose grease


The fatty cup grease is an antifriction all-purpose grease designed for greasing units of industrial and construction equipment, as well as vehicles operating under medium and high loads. The grease can operate at temperatures ranging from minus 25°C to plus 65°C.

The fatty cup grease is recommended as a multipurpose grease to be applied in industrial, automotive, construction, agricultural and other machinery. It is recommended for greasing slid-ing and rolling friction bearings of different ma-chines. In sufficiently powerful units (bearings, pivot joints, blocks, etc.), the grease can operate at a temperature of down to minus 50°C. It provides good protection of metal sur-faces from corrosion.

  • Excellent protection of greased parts from corrosion in high humidity.
  • Good water resistance.
  • Good viscosity-temperature characteristics.
  • No thickening during storage.
  • TDS